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They are increasingly turning back to Apple as the only force that can ensure their future freedom. IBM wants it all and is aiming its guns on its last obstacle to industry control: Apple. Will Big Blue dominate the entire computer industry? The entire information age?

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Was George Orwell right about ? This potential may not automatically flow from the company's product. But if enough people held a shared intent, grass-roots electronic bulletin boards through which computer users share messages might result in better balancing of political power.

In , Adelia Cellini writing for Macworld , summarized the message: [7]. Let's see—an all-powerful entity blathering on about Unification of Thoughts to an army of soulless drones, only to be brought down by a plucky, Apple-esque underdog.

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According to the ad's creators, that's not exactly the case. Apple wanted the Mac to symbolize the idea of empowerment, with the ad showcasing the Mac as a tool for combating conformity and asserting originality. What better way to do that than have a striking blonde athlete take a sledgehammer to the face of that ultimate symbol of conformity, Big Brother?

Art director Brent Thomas said Apple "had wanted something to 'stop America in its tracks, to make people think about computers, to make them think about Macintosh. This was strictly a marketing position.


It was scripted as a thematic element in the docudrama , Pirates of Silicon Valley , which explores the rise of Apple and Microsoft the film opens and closes with references to the commercial including a re-enactment of the heroine running towards the screen of Big Brother and clips of the original commercial.

In this updated version, an iPod , complete with signature white earbuds, was digitally added to the heroine. Keynote Attendees were given a poster showing the heroine with an iPod as a commemorative gift. In March , the advertisement attracted attention again as Hillary , a video mashup of the original commercial with footage of Hillary Clinton used in the place of Big Brother, went viral in the early stages of the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

The video was produced in support of Barack Obama by Phil de Vellis, an employee of Blue State Digital , but was made without the knowledge of either Obama's campaign , or his employer: de Vellis stated that he made the video in one afternoon at home using a Mac and some software. Political commentators including Carla Marinucci and Arianna Huffington , as well as de Vellis himself, suggested that the video demonstrated the way technology had created new opportunities for individuals to make an impact on politics.

On May , Valve released a short video announcing the release of Half-Life 2 on OS X featuring a recreation of the original commercial, with the people replaced with City 17's citizens, Big Brother with a speech from Wallace Breen and Major's character with Alyx Vance throwing a crowbar at the screen. Revisiting the commercial in Harper's Magazine thirty years after it aired, Rebecca Solnit suggested that "" did not so much herald a new era of liberation as a new era of oppression. She wrote:. I want to yell at that liberatory young woman with her sledgehammer: "Don't do it! That industry is going to give rise to innumerable forms of triviality and misogyny, to the concentration of wealth and the dispersal of mental concentration.

The Real Story Behind Apple's Famous '1984' Super Bowl Ad

To suicidal, underpaid Chinese factory workers whose reality must be like that of the shuffling workers in the commercial. If you think a crowd of people staring at one screen is bad, wait until you have created a world in which billions of people stare at their own screens even while walking, driving, eating in the company of friends—all of them eternally elsewhere. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. David Graham Official Site. Archived from the original on August 22, Retrieved 28 July Retrieved January 24, May 24, The New York Times.

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Jan. 24, 1984: Birth of the Cool (Computer, That Is)

Archived from the original PDF on July 25, Retrieved January 22, USA Today. Retrieved May 10, University of Colorado. Weekend Edition Sunday.

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Apple's Iconic Commercial Turns 30 Today [Video] | Cult of Mac

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The Apple Super Bowl ad that announced the future was here

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